Concept 2 Rowing Machine: A Perfect Choice for Cardio

Concept 2 Rowing Machine: A Perfect Choice for Cardio

If you are considering getting yourself a Concept 2 rowing machine, you will be making an excellent choice.

You will definitely be getting one of the best pieces ergonomic pieces of gym equipment there is on the market today, and for many reasons. Some people think that these machines are designed for rowers only, but that is actually not true; this is a perfect machine for anyone who does cardio. You can also check out our top article here. It will make your cardio exercise more exciting, and probably much better than some other work-out machines might.

You can get a Concept 2 rowing machine in 2 different models, Model D and Model E. Although Model E is more expensive than Model D, they are both equally easy to use. The way they are constructed makes them almost a no-brainer. The seat will slide along the rail on the frame when you pull the rower’s handles. You do not need to make any adjustments yourself – a dumper on the side of the tower will do this for you. It measures the strength of your pull ad puts in a matching amount of resistance. The harder you pull, or the bigger your “boat”, the harder the resistance that you will get.


Concept 2 Rowing Machine: A Perfect Choice for Cardio


There are some differences between the two models of the Concept 2 rowing machine:

  • Model E sits a little higher off the ground than Model D. It comes up to the height of an office or ding chair. It’s made to accommodate people who are slightly taller so they can be more comfortable during their workouts.
  • Model E also comes with an improved digital interface compared to Model D. In both; the interfaces are used to track workout progress, and they have a memory card that stores all the data so that a user can make useful comparisons. The interface on a Model E has more memory, and it also allows teammates to coordinate if they are exercising together.

If you want to get the best out of your Concept 2 rowing machine, start off by studying the best rowing techniques. There are specific rowing techniques that can be applied with great success. The machine comes with manufacturer’s instructions on proper rowing techniques and asks you to practice them as these will go a long way in determining the level of success you will have with your Concept 2 rowing machine. It helpful if you have had actual rowing experience, but it’s not necessary. By following given guidelines, you will be able to use the rower well enough.

There are other advantages you will find with a Concept 2 rowing machine that you will not find with a lot of gym equipment: it is quiet as you work out, is easily kept out of the way and does not need you to do any other workouts because it will exercise all your muscle groups at once. In fact, for people who do cardio, it comes better recommended than a treadmill (the damage to your knee joints in the long-run), a stationery bike (you don’t get to work all muscle groups) and even a regular jump rope. Because you are sitting down throughout, there is no weight being unfairly distributed to any part of your body or joints, making it much safer. It also impacts free – impact machines are more likely to cause you injuries.

Concept 2 rowing machine will usually cost a bit more than other exercise equipment in the same range – a reason it has not made a strong presence in the US gym equipment market yet. If you need to know more you can also visit this link: When you think about what you will be getting, though, it is well worth the price that you will be paying. And you can consider getting it on a fitness equipment lease too – look on the internet and see if there are any on offer near you.

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