Picking the right gym equipment for you

right gym equipment

Investing in gym equipment can seem like a great idea, especially if you are a busy person and do not have time to go to the gym daily.
Despite the fact that home gym stations are great devices of all kinds of exercises, there are also other types of gym equipment at home you should consider. They complement each other by offering exercises the whole body, which treat a great benefit to your health and appearance of your body.

While building your own home gym when choosing only the best gym equipment seems exciting and fun, may not be the best plan. Before spending your money, you should be aware of some pros and cons of these different types of equipment have. This will help you to choose the best exercise equipment for your goals. The worst thing you can do is buy the wrong equipment that will just take up space and collect dust.

Here is a short list of pros and cons of the most popular exercise equipment for use at home.

Running machine


They are easy to use and ensure safer exercise than some other types of fitness equipment. Although they exert a significant pressure on the lower part of your body, the mats can be considered safer than running on the street.

They have programs previously established and are made for weight loss goals and good different way. Usually, programs previously established alternate the speed and incline automatically for maximum benefit, which makes them almost completely automatic exercise stations. At the same time, they allow you to customize your workout according to your specific needs. You can set a specific time, distance or number of calories you want to burn.

They usually have a display and control panel in a convenient location where you can easily monitor important measures and change the speed, incline, distance and intensity of the workout.
Its frame design and allows multiple people to run or walk on the treadmill without having to adjust the height, width or device structure.

You can watch TV or listen to music while exercising on the treadmill, then the exercise can be fun.
They are ideal for training sessions with high intensity intervals, burning more calories than other types of home gym equipment.go to website from http://www.wikihow.com/Lose-Fat-With-the-Right-Cardio-Equipment-and-Exercises


• High quality options are expensive.
• They take a lot of space to store even when they are folded.
• Treadmills are noisy, regardless of the mechanism they use to absorb shock and noise.
• Its maintenance can be expensive, since the belt of the belt will then spend some time.
• The exercises can become boring after a while. Depending on whether you are doing a walking exercise or running, the good thing is that you can watch TV or listen to music at the same time.
• Running on the treadmill is only effective if it makes you sweat, so it takes a lot of effort and motivation.
• Stress exerted on the joints of the hips, knees, ankles and spine can lead to injury.

Exercise Bike

Pros of exercise bikes:

The first and most important advantage is the small space they need in your home gym. They are usually small enough that you keep them in any room.

Exercise bikes need little maintenance, as they have simple mechanisms. Clean the chain regularly and lubricate the system pedals are the only things you have to do to functioning properly maintain them. All can work out on an exercise bike since riding can be learned in a few seconds.

Stress on joints, ligaments, tendons and bones are less significant than in the exercises on the treadmill, then the risk of injury is reduced. You can watch workouts while exercising to keep pace and burn more calories. There are five different types of bikes and two main categories – recumbent and upright, then you can choose the one that fits all your criteria – available space, budget and personal preferences.

right gym equipment

Cons of Bicycle Ergometer:

• They focus only on the muscle groups of the lower body, so even if they have movable arms, the benefits to the upper body are not significant.

• Banks are generally uncomfortable and low back pain often occurs because of the position that remains while exercising. This applies particularly to upright bikes.

• Exercise bikes burn fewer calories than treadmills or elliptical machines, even if you use them every day in your home gym.

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